As in the search for power during the construction of a painted image, these films are constructed in a way so as to produce an ambiguous short film which may or may not be completed by the viewer.

The viewing experience includes a series of suggestions, that is, a possible narrative - start, middle, and end - for example, or sounds combined with potent images. The result, however, is intended to be as ambiguous as possible given the constraints and/or limitations of the (some might say) absolute medium of film. Time, for example, is measured in a different manner - frames per second (8mm) and so on.

The same rules are put into play when constructing the soundtracks. These are made from purpose-built sound generators which are constructed by adapting and customising home-made and found audio circuits.

The images used are a mixture of found footage, adapted found footage, and purposely filmed imagery. These images are used to suggest a film or to complete the imaginings of a film. The whole is then converted to DVD.


91 Bridges



Münt, of course,
is quite the other thing


Unfamiliar Environment


Brick Wall

Credits: Münt, of course, is quite the other thing, Unfamiliar Environment, Brick Wall - music by John Hiom, sound recorded by John Gardner, sound dubbed by Ian Helliwell